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AB SEA Services Becomes Gardenscapes Devon

Our Business

The A and B of A.B Sea Services stands for Alex and Ben. We've joined forces to make the most modern and forward thinking gardening company in North Devon.

Who are we?

A.B Sea Services is a local gardening business. Ben and Alex joined forces about 18 months ago and we decided to start a business that could combine both of our skills. Ben has experience in Gardening for over 7 years, working amongst luxury properties throughout the Asco and West London. Alex is from a digital background, and she specialises in photography, web design and business development. Before starting A.B Sea Services, Alex worked with FTSE Clients to evolve their digital communications in front of investors.

Joining both Digital and Gardening we decided to bring, what can sometimes be describes as an 'old fashion' and manual area of work, into a a digital arena.

"We are modernising garden services, like no other business has done before."

What makes us difference from everyone else?

Ben very much manages all of our garden services, to make sure they are completed to a perfect standard. Alex is always on hand to complete the booking process, garden designs, replying to clients and marketing the business so we can grow as much as possible.

No other garden business in the world has the combined expertise that we have. We know that what we bring is unique, and cannot be replicated. We understand that gardening will always have a dated nature of process, however the way in which we communicate and book gardening work is brand new.

Our Digital Quoting Service

We've set up an online digital quoting service whereby individuals can upload 5 images and a short description for specific gardening jobs that they need a price for - quickly! Within 48 hours later, we endeavour to get back to you with prices and our availability. This really cuts down time, so we can send the information and cuts down time so we can help our customers get their garden jobs done. Want to check it out? Use the link here, and test us out!


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