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How to Create a Garden that Helps you Sell

Prior to COVID-19, it was common knowledge that Bathrooms and Kitchens sold properties. However, reading this eye-opening article from The Times we now understand that outdoor spaces has a big part to play.

Why does it matter?

Essentially everyone knows it's great to get outside, unwind and let the day go in an outdoor space. We can learn from our last article and this insightful piece from CNA, that outdoor spaces has a direct correlation with mental health.

Getting a grassed area can really uplift the amount of oxygen that's around you, which can be extremely beneficial in a built up area for our health. Outdoor spaces with plenty of greenery can really invite nature to join you, thus creating a sense of peace and tranquility on your doorstep.

What does this mean for selling my property?

The main point here is when individuals are looking to buy a property, they often look for spaces where they can see themselves living in, and where their personality and lifestyle can intertwine with said surroundings. In essence, the majority of buyers are looking for a blank canvas so they can make the property their own. You won't need to start installing swimming pools and fancy water features, but clearing large jungle spaces and levelling is a great starting point that buyers can invest in further if needs be.

Here at AB SEA Services, we stand by including some lovely fresh grass somewhere within your outdoor space. It's a wonderful addition to a garden, especially when you're considering selling, as the majority of buyers will either have pets or children which can be extremely advantages when considering buying a house.

An Example of How We've Helped Sellers

In October 2019, we were invited to quote for a garden redevelopment based out in Holsworthy, North Devon. She approached us, as she was selling her property, but felt that the garden could do with some work given the feedback she'd had. The outdoor space at the back of the property was mainly grassed area and was in a quite a damaging position as it was dry, patchy and lost most of it's colour. The front garden had a lot of chipping and concrete areas, and as Phil Spencer mentions 'Kerbside Impressions are extremely important when selling a house' as well as,

"For instance, at the front, you could swap out your old front door for a new model to dazzle visitors as they enter your home, or you might want to give your front garden a tidy if it's seen better days. Around the back, you could add plenty of flowers and plants to make the space as lovely as possible, as well as making sure any features, like ponds or decking, are in good condition. Side areas are often overlooked, but sprucing up a driveway or painting a border fence are always worth the effort." Phil Spencer

Using our expertise and contemporary property knowledge, we evolved the back garden by re turfing and building raised beds for low maintenance plants. As well as this, we updated the front space to include more raised beds, and a practical bin store area.


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