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January Blues Turn Red

January can be a strange time, even without a pandemic, most of us find counting down the days until the end of the month is the only way to get through.

But alas, we’ve still got plenty to get on with in the gardening world! Here is our job lists on behalf of our clients;

1. Dig over soil on vegetable/flower beds (this will really improve the soil for the year)

2. Prune apple and pear trees.

3. Don't let the grass get too long - if it is dry give it a trim but don't cut it as short as you would in the summer.

4. Plant new trees and shrubs or move old ones if necessary.

5. Do any landscaping now while everything is already muddy!

6. Cut back ornamental vines, ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy.

7. Pressure wash paths if they are slippery - but make sure the water doesn't freeze and become slippery!

As well as these jobs, you may have noticed on our social media channels, we’ve recently launched another arm of our business offering locals mixed dried wood, which we are delivering all across North Devon.

We had so much fun chopping wood, we thought we’d make a video to help promote our new service. Check it out below!


Ben and I are extremely approachable, and we love helping evolve our clients outdoor spaces and warm their homes! So if you’re interested in seeing our price list for our firewood or our costs for gardening please don’t hesitate to email us on


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